Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another bombshell! By Astro this time

This morning I received a letter from Astro saying it has increased its sports package by a whopping RM12 per month with immediate effect! Next month’s bill will show the new total to be paid.

Doesn't the government have any control on this matter, the price increase by Astro? Are only the rich allowed to be fans of sports?

This is the result of having only one company to monopolize the satellite channels. It can increase prices at its own whims and fancies.

I am not a well to do person. I am on to Astro mainly for the world news and the live sports coverage. I will gladly accept if Astro can provide the sports package alone, so will thousands of others.

The price increase by Astro seems to be well timed, what with the World Cup Soccer finals being held just next year.

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