Thursday, February 11, 2010

RM 50 - Low quality notes!!! Pity dear fellow

PETALING JAYA: A mechanical engineer had RM200 literally “washed away” when the print on his new RM50 notes disappeared after he accidentally left his wallet in the laundry.

Yeoh Jit Shiong, 25, was shocked to find that the damaged notes were almost unrecognisable on Saturday evening.

What remained were the security threads and watermarks.

Pity to the good fellow Mr.Yeoh, arrgh CNY at the corner, end-up with some low quality water soak MYR.

In another words, MYR soak sui and lat sek. Memang malulah, papernote also can diluted by soap.

Imagine, banjir at BNM, then our notes inside there also gone teruk-teruk.

Where too find, countries with such similar notes quality like Malaysia? Maybe Zimbabwe, maybe Cuba, maybe Haiti and some low class country.

Yah, pencapaian yang hebat, duit tulen pun boleh rosak kena air.

Tak tahulah, syiling 20sen pun boleh karat nanti.

Come on, notes is a denomination of a countries economy and financial. All notes, must be able to withstand waters and trampling, as the notes has to endure trampling in pocket, bags, wallets and rain.

Yet, now!!! Just like toilet paper.

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