Sunday, April 3, 2011

BENEFITS of Having a Nuclear Plant

What benefits can a normal citizen derive from nuclear power?

I know.

1. CHEAP Electricity....MY FOOT, Did anyone hear ANYONE said that? Can I be the First person to say this: Maybe 0.02 sen per MW/h?

2. CHEAPER PRODUCTS from factories due to LOWER Electricity COST... MY FOOT Again, solve Item 1 first before you can even talk about the word 'CHEAP'.


4. LUCRATIVE JOB OPPORTUNITIES...Parents, Start sending your kids for Nuclear Education overseas, LOCAL education institutions also can, No Problem.

5. MORE BUSINESS ACTIVITIES...hey otyew, get ready for your burger stall. I want to sell minced meat too.

6. PLENTY OF JOB OPENINGS when Ground-breaking commences....Ya, BUT NOT for you locals. Contractors GO RECRUIT MORE FOREIGNERS FOR THE HARD LABOUR. NO NEED any resume at all. Filthily Handsome Profits.

7. CHEAP Bungalow land around NUKE vicinity. Where? HOW Cheap? Who want to buy?

8. DRIVE MORE LUXURIOUS HYBRID-CARS, because of lower electricity charges, EVERYONE CAN DRIVE. Back to Item 1.

9. NO FEAR OF NUKE DEPLETION.....ARE YOU SURE?. How do they dig for Uranium? Any different from China's coal mines? Imagine living on a piece of land burrowed by Uranium mine-channels.

10. WE NEED TO GO SOLAR. Dump all import duties on Solar products, I will be the FIRST one to disconnect from TNB's power grid (and greed). Next on the list, dozens of my friends and relatives.

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