Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alternative Government vs Barisan Government

Ever since the Alternative Govt came into the picture, I think the Barisan Govt has been more pressurised than ever. Now that a "clean" Govt is in place, the Barisan Govt knows that it can't simply do things its way and ignore the people.

[1] When the Penang State Govt announced it's Transparency policy, the Barisan Govt had to follow suit - otherwise it might look "corrupted" if it doesn't.
Score : Alternative Govt 1 Barisan Govt 0

[2] When the Selangor MB from the Alternative Govt announced that if the Water Contract is found to be unfavourable to the interest of the people, it should be reviewed. And guess who opposed this? - The representative of the Barisan Govt who insisted that all contracts made are valid and legal. Makes you wonder who Barisan is fighting for - for private companies or for the people. So, thumbs up to the Alternative Govt for fighting for the interest of the people.
Score : Alternative Govt 2 Barisan Govt 0

[3] The Penang State Govt has practiced what it preached, leadership by example. It is trying to save cost wherever it can. RM 600 k might not be much ( by not purchasing the Proton Perdanas ) but it goes to show that the Govt is putting up an effort to trim cost where necessary - unlike the Barisan Govt who previously is known is spend lavishly for mega projects and functions - money which went to big corporates own by certain individuals instead of to the people. So, I wonder what the Barisan Govt will trim as cost?
Score : Alternative Govt 3 Barisan Govt 0

So what is your choice of Government? Please wake up Malaysian! :)

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