Saturday, March 29, 2008

Types of Driver in Malaysia

With my experience of driver on the road of Malaysia, i think you might be one of the group.

[1] Road Bullies
Usually, these are big size guys, not necessary thugs. They go for victims usually smaller size than them. Sometimes, they work in groups, ganging up on a victim. Drivers usually turn into road bullies when they do not get things done their way. Most of the time, the crimes they will commit is after the driving stops.

[2] Reckless Driver

This kind of driver will zig-zag at high speed, cutting into other vehicle's lanes without care. Don't expect any signal lights from them if they are turning left or right. Sometimes, these drivers tailgate another vehicle at an extremely close distance. These reckless drivers frequently cause accidents due to their dangerous driving. We wouldn't care so much if they crash into some lamp post or into some drains, but often, these hell-drivers causes accidents that claims innocent lives.

[3] Inconsiderate Driver

Drivers that are found in this category consist of two types :

[a] The "Rich" usually drives a big vehicle with white halogen lights which blinds oncoming vehicles, often nearly causing accidents. In fact, the white lights are so blinding that even the government and JPJ can't see these vehicles, thus taking no action against the usage of halogen lights.

[b] The "Slow" who usually drives on the fast lane at a slow speed. These drivers think they are not doing anything wrong since they are not speeding but in fact, they are just being selfishly inconsiderate. If the government wants to know why road-bullying is on the increase, it's because nothing is done about this kind of inconsiderate drivers.

[4] Inexperience Drivers

I'll probably be accused of stereotyping, but drivers in this category are mostly female and old drivers who are overly careful with their driving. These are usually those who have just got their P licence but who are still pretty inexperience when it comes to driving. Beware of sudden braking actions. These drivers can't help what they are doing so its up to the rest of us to anticipate their actions. Just like the slow drivers, these inexperience drivers also contributes to the rise in road-bullying cases.

So, before you accuse anyone of being one these drivers, ask yourself if you fit into any of these categories.

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