Thursday, December 18, 2008

IJN Being Taken Over By Sime Darby ! ?

Sime Darby Group [which owns a chain of (high cost) private hospitals] had confirmed interest to acquire National Heart Institute [Institut Jantung Negara], which is now owned by the government. At least at this moment, the public (of all walks of life) can 'access' and 'walk' into IJN for treatments, and at times appeal for assistance or lowering the fees, and if need be, seek the help of Ministry Of Health and government.

If the government intend letting the public health services (especially specialist hospitals) be privatized, due to strong lobbying of 'selected' non-govenment corporate giants, will this auger well for the Malaysian citizens? Whether such purchasers are local or foreign companies, they are still from private sectors. Unless the interest of the public and citizens interests are seriously looked into, we may lose the IJN, which thus far, has been supported by taxes and public monies.

The public should ensure that IJN should not be lost to another enterprise, whose main corporate objective perhaps is aiming for maximizing profits for its shareholders.

Very likely, some other 'specialist' hospitals and related disciplines are also subjects of being taken over. Government should at whatever (existing) costs of maintenance, ensure that such hospitals and establishmentes (like Institute Of Medical Research) remain TOTALLY in the hands of the government agencies.

A hospital is expensive to maintain. Public interests must rank paramount!


Anonymous said...

This is a bankrupt hospital...why would Sime Darby want it....something is not right Sime there to make money or save the hospital's ass...

All About Malaysia said...

hope the hospital won't being taken!