Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seat belts and overloading

Datuk Suret Singh, DG of Road Safety Department warned that the 4th rear seat passenger might get away for not wearing seat belt but driver could be fined for overloading. Said vehicles could carry only five persons.

So, you with more than three kids, be warned.

a) send kids to school - 2 trips

b) balik kampung - 2 trips

c) picnic - 2 trips

Alternative :

a) take bus

b) buy new car to be driven by wife, and have a mini convoy

c) walk

d) taxi (taxi also subject to max of five pax, so must get 2 taxies)

Agree, that safety is major issue. Would like to seek opinions from fellow bloggers, whether Datuk Suret's assessment is really practical and actually reduce risks.

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