Monday, April 13, 2009

A country that encourage extortion?

Parking your car?? Do you see a man walking towards your car assisting you how to park, so on and so forth? Your car is parked and do you see him standing there still, right in front of your door? You get down from the car and he hands out his hand... and you either asked him "what do you want" or asked yourself "should i pay him?"

Park your car in Kuala Lumpur and wonder why you are still required to pay for parking fees even though you are not parking at a privately owned parking lots, but public parking spaces allocated by the government after 6pm (on weekdays & Saturdays) or even though on public holidays??

Those men will ask for money each time even though you know legally you are not required to pay a parking fee & you do not have to pay him. But why are you paying him?? For a simple reason, the government/ the enforcer could not be bothered to protect its citizen from these extortionist.

Perhaps they did something to curb this illegal activities but each Tuesday and Wednesday when I sit in the car waiting for my classes to start, I see the same thing. (they didn't extort from me because I'll be sitting in the car for at least 40 minutes from 530 to 610pm. They couldn't wait and walk away). There will be 2 men waiting and extorting money and if you don't they will curse you. I did just that once early March and came back to find out they spat on my new car.

There is a police station nearby, in Petaling Street where these people pray on their victims but i have not seen anything done. This place is near to Advance Tutorial College. My own lecturer paid, and i managed to take a picture of it. Here goes..

So, tell me... who are we to blame? And why are they not doing anything?!

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