Monday, April 13, 2009

Muhyiddin Yassin you are out of touch

Recent comments by our DPM Yassin only show that he has very little intellectual capacity. He had called the Chinese ungrateful and trying to be kingmakers. He claims after BN spend millions building chinese schools the chinese betrayed BN and voted for the opposition.

Mr Yassin, anyone with any brains can tell you that the problem with BN losing is NOT about building schools. It is all about UMNO & BN's arrogance and it's failure to deliver acceptable results for ALL Malaysians.

Mr DPM, UMNO's power base had always been with the Malays and if you fail to notice let me tell you, in the last few years the Malays are abandoning UMNO in ever increasing numbers and going over to PAS & PK.

Today's Malaysia is very different. The people are better informed and the ever arrogant UMNO can longer treat them as ignorant kampong folks. Forget the Chinese and the Indians, they are not you main cause of concern. MCA & MIC will always obey UMNO.

The Chinese & Indian support for PAS & PK is important but clearly insufficient to turn the tide and tilt the balance of power. It is the Malays shifting away from BN that is your main problem.

Don't blame the Chinese blame yourself, it is people like you in UMNO that are creating the shift and alienating the ordinary Malay folks away from UMNO.

The other day I was driving past Damasara and I saw this big sign that cried 6% discount for Bumiputras. Mr DPM, you think this sign will give the ordinary Malay a warm fuzzy feeling that your Government is doing something for them?

The answer is NO. The ordinary Malay knows that he cannot afford anything in Damasara even with the 6% discount. This sort of advertising will only make him more aware of the inequalities amongst the have and the have nots.

Mr DPM it is such thoughtless acts that you have to worry about. You guys in UMNO have failed to look after your power base and instead of fixing the problem you just want to blame it on the Chinese.

Share the country's wealth amongst all Malaysians instead of just the priviledged few and UMNO will rule for a thousand years. Keep going along the present path of blind self destruction and it will be the end of UMNO very soon.

Wake up and smell the kopi or is it too late already.

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