Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Indonesian students pelt M’sian embassy with rotten eggs

PETALING JAYA: About 30 Indonesian students pelted the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta with rotten eggs and attempted to raise an Indonesian flag at the gate on Tuesday.

The attack, believed spurred by allegations that the Malaysian national anthem Negara Ku had been copied from the Indonesian song Terang Bulan, came a day after Malaysia celebrated its 52nd National Day.

The Indonesian flag was raised from the embassy gate after a tug-of-war between police and students.

The attack was also reportedly triggered by allegations that a Balinese dance had been used to promote a television show about Malaysia, although it was revealed that no Malaysian government agency had a role in the advertisement.

An embassy official in Jakarta told The Star that nobody was hurt in the incident but added that there have been regular demonstrations at the Embassy over the last few months, especially during the Ambalat issue.

That issue came up after Indonesia claimed that Malaysian warships had entered the Ambalat area in the Sulawesi sea in early June.

“The still ongoing demonstration here is being heavily monitored by the police, but no demonstrators have been stopped or arrested,” said the embassy official.

He said that everything was under control at the embassy, adding that the demonstration would not affect ties between the two countries.

Local media quoted a demonstrator as saying that the protest was a symbolic act to demand that the Indonesian government break off diplomatic ties with Malaysia and evict the Malaysian ambassador.

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