Sunday, October 4, 2009

More On Vaccines

In relation to my previous post "WHY?? - Cervical cancer vaccinations for all girls" (, I just saw this on the Star Online "Parental consent needed for cervical cancer vaccination" (

In the article, it mentioned that parents would be required to sign a letter of consent before vaccinating schoolgirls against cervical cancer. It is a great move that consent (at least for the moment) is required before this dangerous vaccine can be given.

It also mentioned that "the Education Ministry had yet to receive any objection from parents on the vaccination exercise" So perhaps those who have children in school should your objections at your PTAs since the report stated that the Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom said "Most parent teacher associations welcome the exercise" I guess they take silence as consent.

So for those who have 12-13 year old girls in school next year or will soon, and who believe that the HPV vaccination and probably many other vaccinations are unnecessary and dangerous, please MAKE noise NOW!

Your daughter may not (or may) experience any side effects but someone else's may and it could be a fatal like Natalie Morton (yes she does have a name as our MOH seems to leave out), the 14 year old UK girl who died after receiving the Cervarix HPV vaccine while several other of her classmates suffered side-effects such as dizziness and nausea. (

In the spirit of 1Malaysia, lend your voice to this unnecessary risk. I belief that for the parents of Natalie Morton, the statistics that only ONE in several hundred thousand (or even millions) will have a serious or fatal adverse effect means nothing because their precious daughter was that ONE. So make sure that your daughter and potentially your son, is not that ONE and don't play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with our children

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