Thursday, October 15, 2009

Young cops with such mentality, wondered how they were trained?

GEORGE TOWN: Two policemen were arrested for allegedly robbing a foreign worker of RM500 in Jelutong here.

The duo, aged 22 and 26, had stopped a Bangladeshi worker on Monday to check his permit but then relieved him off his money.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob said the worker later lodged a police report and the duo were arrested Tuesday morning.

“The younger policeman had just joined the police force this year.

“They had abused their authority as policemen for their own ends,” he said.

Some how, looking at this report are even worse than any crime in the world. When and hence some one that is trained to serve, protect and maintain law/order were themselves perpetrates crimes.

Looking in micro portion of our PDRM, are they trained or programmed to serve the open public, to protect the weak and maintain order.

Some how, I had a hunch, when become policemens, they have the thought of the following:

-Saya ada kuasa!

-Saya boleh tangkap dan belasah, siapa yang tak hormat polis!

-Saya dapat hormat dan orang kasi keistimewaan!

-Saya janji hidup ada pencen sampai mati.

(Note: This is just a thought for certain unqualified or poorly selected policmens, in no case of reflected any individuals, or any actual policemens)

Some how, are the cops in Malaysia to serve the public, the tax payer or they are to serve the Ruling Coalition, the Ministers or the Politicians?

Don't get me wrong that, I'm condemning the police! It is opinion that our PDRM structures or chain-of-command had to be revamp to reflect professionalism.

Mainly, there are inability on some of our policemens to present a proficiency in certain aspects of legality or the point as "led by example", has made PDRM reputation looks terrible.

Secondly, policemen selections has to be upgraded to A'levels/STPM or above, as SPM is way low for some one, that holds great responsibility on security and protection.

Just wondering SPM qualified Policemens can understand the terms biological prints on crime scenes?

Hopefully, our Policemens understand that they can only help themselves to improve their own image and become professional.

I'll like to poke a particular bloggers, that mentioned, that it is normal for Policemen to response badly, since people are badmouth the cops from behind.

I think this person, probably has a mindset of teenagers to act this way. If it is true, than our policemens are way far from professionals.

In professional private firms, critictism is to be accepted from customers and they work to improve their level of services.

Yeah, if kutuk my supplier's level of services, I'll get retribution, then what kind of service can we accept?

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