Monday, November 16, 2009

Of Pirating

There is a reason why the term "pirates" were given to those who sells and peddles illegal DVDs.

Personally, I feel laws can be further toughen against DVD pirates. Therefore, I absolutely agree with the move to fine the buyers and users of illegal DVDs as one possible move towards this.

In the country where I live, pirating DVDs is a serious crime. You get the same jail time as peddling drugs here. As a result, very few ppl buy illegal DVDs. No one sells them here. All the copies we have are legal copies of good quality and that includes movies, song albums, computer softwares and games.

One wonders why is it that people living in other countries can live with buying originals while those in most Asian countries like Msia, seem unable to live on the purchase of true copies?

Yes, legal ones are not cheap, they are expensive. Any form of entertainment should not be cheap as they are not necessities of life. Things like food, shelter, water, electricity etc should be the cheap ones because they are necessities.

Perhaps, it is time to re-vamp some of the funding that goes into basic neccesities to make them more affordable whilst increasing tax on luxury items, tobacco, unhealthy foods etc.

If the authorities think clearly on this, they will realize that they are spending more $ and effort on combating pirating than $ required to subsidize basic necessities and to make some form of entertainments (eg: family movies) more affordable.

To the people of Malaysia, please do not buy or support illegal DVDs. If you know what your $ from buying those illegal stuffs go to and the repercussions of it, you will realize that you are funding crimes, vices, drugs and wars. Is this worth it that at the expanse of your cheap entertainments, others in the world suffers?

I would urge the government to take wiser moves on this matter. Make illegal DVDs less desirable and make the legal ones more affordable buy freeing up taxes and monies on basic life necessities. All it takes is the ability to re-direct existing resources and making good and realistic plans. Otherwise, this "war" against the pirates will be a losing one. Do not fight a losing battle. It is a waste of tax payers money!

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