Monday, November 16, 2009

PM calling Malaysian residing in overseas to come back.

After tasted a wonderful and comfortable life which is stress free, discrimination free in overseas for many years, I guess nobody will come back to Malaysia to re-experience sufferings, pain and grief. before calling those who are having such a wonderful life in overseas, PM should ammend many policies and administration system of Malaysia which wont happen at all with this current trend. Can we change our education to English? Can we abolish qouta system in the University. Can non-malay become as IGP? Can we have more non-malay holding higher level position in the public service. Those born in this country should have equal right in everything. we shouldnt use some guidelines to ignore the right of the citizen. we shouldnt use the word "Pendatang" anymore. everyone belong to this country..we have to share this country..if we cant share this country among those born here..then forget it...nobody will come back. As a muslim I always try to be nice to everyone regardless of their race,culture or ethnic..My parents thought me good things and wanted me to be a good muslim by loving and care for each and every Allah's creation. For me all same..

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