Saturday, November 22, 2008

EPF New Regulation on withrawal

Big news and bigger problem to the public!!!

I wanted to withraw money from my account 2 for buying my 1st house. S&P has been signed so do the loan agreement. The house is purchased under me and my boyfriend's name. When i went to submit my forms for the withdrawal, the staff told me i cant withdraw my money. Reason: New regulation. Under the new rules ONLY brother sister, husband wife and parents children relationship CAN purchased the house together and withdraw their money from EPF. If no relationship, you can withdraw the money not even 1 party. This new rules started on 05/11/08.I confirm the news with the EPF telesales.

There is no such news is being informed to the public and i am sure grace period should be given to those that have sign everything for their house purchasing and waiting to withdraw their own money from EPF.

New news and terrible news!!

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