Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan can’t come to receive Datukship

If it would have been a knighthood from HRM the Queen, I bet he would be there one week in advance before the event could have taken place. I hope

1. UMNOputras nationwide will lodge more report to the nearby police stations as this event has been cancelled several times.

2. All Muslim NGO must go on a march to protest and boycott Shah Rukh Khan as he didn’t respect ( just create the story like how you all did to the opposition MPs an so on) the Yang di pertua of Malacca.

3. Awang Selamat from Utusan will write more inspiring racial based stories based on this matter in order to get more support for UMNO

4. Please make sure that the CM comes with a valid reason as how you all pressurized LGE and Prof Ramasamy over certain issues involving both.

5. Sue him in the court by charging him for being insensitive to the Malay Ruler because a lot of you people out there are good in creating trouble as well stirring racially biased stories for the sake of FUN.

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