Saturday, November 22, 2008

USM giving recognition to Nicol David, Dr Sheikh Muzaffar

Came across this piece of article but I can't remember where.

Apparently USM plans to give some form of recognition / award to Nicol David, our dear Angkasawan and some students.
Here's the deal - it's justifiable for Nicol David to receive such an honour as she has done us proud and is constantly seeking to improve and win more titles. As for the Angkasawan...what did he contribute to our country? It's with the taxpayers money that he was sent to space, and now it seems that he accepted "contributions" for his lectures. does he even deserve a recognition from USM? In my opinion, NO.

I shall post the article when I find it. Anyway, the issue here is not the article but in general, should Dr Sheikh Muzaffar receive such awards or honour? You be the judge.

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