Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A(H1N1): Four more deaths, total at 12

PETALING JAYA: The Influenza A(H1N1) virus claimed four more lives, bringing the total number of fatalities in Malaysia to 12.

Three patients were a three-year-old, a 12-year-old and a 20-year old who all died at the Malacca Hospital on Aug 3, Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Ismail Merican said on Wednesday.

The fourth was a six-year-old boy who died at 2.30am Wednesday at the Batu Pahat Hospital, the second such death in Johor.

Overall, there were 16 new cases of A(H1N1) infection recorded over the past 24 hours, bringing the accumulated total in Malaysia to 1,476 since the outbreak, Ismail said in a statement from PUTRAJAYA.

He said the three-year-old girl died from severe pneumonia at 4.30pm on Aug 3 after having been confirmed to being infected with A(H1N1) at 6.19pm the previous day, reports IZATUN SHARI.

The girl. who had a history of chronic respiratory tract infection, was warded in Malacca Hospital on July 31 after developing flu and cough symptoms on July 25.

Prior to that, she had received early treatment at private clinics before being admitted to a private hospital on July 30 and later referred to Malacca Hospital.

Dr Ismail said the 12-year-old boy died from severe pneumonia at 2pm on Monday and was confirmed to have been infected with A(H1N1) at 5.50pm on Tuesday.

He said the boy, who suffered from chronic kidney failure and underwent dialysis treatment, was admitted to the hospital on Monday with a fever, cough and breathing difficulties since Aug 1.

“The 11th case involved a 20-year-old man with chronic asthma who was admitted to Malacca Hospital on Aug 2 after having fever, cough and breathing difficulties since July 31,” Dr Ismail said.

“He was admitted to the intensive care unit and confirmed to have had severe pneumonia,” he said, adding that the victim died at 2.30am on Monday and confirmed to have had A(H1N1) at 5.50pm on Tuesday.

Dr Ismail said the 16 new cases involved 10 from three new clusters and six sporadic cases.

“Of the 16 new cases, two are still being treated in wards, 11 are receiving outpatient treatment and three have died,” he said.

In JOHOR BARU, Johor Health department director Dr Mohd Khairi Yaakub said that the six-year-old boy, who was also suffering from pnemonia, died at about 2.30am on Wednesday.

“He was first admitted to a private hospital in Batu Pahat on July 26, and was later admitted to the Batu Pahat Hospital on July 30.

“He tested positive for the flu on July 31,” he said, reports FARIK ZOLKEPLI.

Dr Mohd Khairi said that Health Department personnel would monitor the conditions of the boy’s parents and other family members.

“We will treat them if they show any symptoms consistent with the flu,” he said.

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