Monday, August 3, 2009

Further crackdown on anti-ISA protesters

The government is insisting on a harsh crackdown on anyone who was involved in the protests. As such, they should live up to their words.

Cuepacs has issued a statement saying that if civil servants are involved in protests, their superiors can take action against them, in line with the Akujanji forms that civil servants sign upon employment.

Similarly, I would think that our tertiary institutions, the local ones at least, have the same forms signed by their students. Therefore, I would think that they should also take the same action in suspending those found to have participated in the recent anti-ISA protests.

If students and civil servants alike did sign the Akujanji form and still participated in the protests, then I'm guessing they have no qualms in taking responsibility for their actions.

This is the same call I put forth when UiTM had their anti-Khalid Ibrahim protest as well. I think such institutions should be apolitical and enforce their stances in line with the policies of their establishments.

Perhaps the Ministry of Higher Education should ensure that such measures are taken.

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