Monday, August 3, 2009

Do malaysian doctors really care?

I have spoken to many colleagues about their experiences with doctors in malaysia and more often than not, they state that the doctors do not care and hardly do a thorough examination.

I have had my share of 'bad' experiences with doctors as well. Read my earlier blogs.

Recently with regards to the swine flu virus, doctors have taken a very lackadaisical attitude with patients displaying the flu symptoms. They are given panadol etc and sent back!!

This is unacceptable!.

Do doctors here practice the politics of our nation ( race and religion) as well? Do they treat the nicer looking female patients better as compared to the old man or woman?

Where are the Dr Kildares , Dr Shephards , Dr Trappers etc etc?

Any comments?

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Anonymous said...

only small amount of them are acceptable!