Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CHIA BUANG HING - This guys was lucky...or else will part of statistics in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: Four police constables claimed trial at a Magistrate's court here Tuesday to charges of causing hurt to businessman Chia Buang Hing.

The four constables charged were Mohd Azwan Hassan, Norzali Rosle, Ahmad Saifullah Osman and Alizulhafiz Abdul Ghafar.

Another policeman, Lans Kpl Mahadi Adam, also claimed trial in the same court to a charge of disobeying an order under the Police Act 1967, relating to the same incident.

No bail was imposed on all five men.

Chia, 34, had alleged that he was beaten up by policemen who also took RM13,000 of his money, after they stopped him at a roadblock, at 11pm on Dec 18 last year. He was travelling from his home in Tropicana to Kota Damansara.

He alleged that the policemen also ordered him to make a false report that he had been injured in a car accident and that, if he refused, they would plant a blood-stained machete or drugs in his car.

The businessman was remanded Dec 19-22 over two offences possession of drugs and machete and he was allowed to see his lawyer.

Points to all, base on all the aggresive behaviour, unfair treatment, double standards of response, double standards of prosecution, poor-discipline, poor manners, arrogant leadership and poor performance.

Lets make a questionaires, on how and what is your perception on Malaysia's Polis DiRaja Malaysia:

a) Do you trust the police in solving your problem?

b) Do you think PDRM is efficient and capable?

c) Do you think PDRM is biased?

d) If you are robbed, hand bang snatched or house break-in, do you think your local PDRM can solve the problem?

e) Do you think, PDRM can stop gangsterism and triad activities in school or your localities?

f) Whenever you are stop for traffic, what do expect/intention of the policemens?

g) Gamblings and prostitution exist, is there any concerntrated effort to prevent these activities? Raiding these dens is not the only solutions. If PDRM is able to be force which works with citizen/society and respect civilian, to stop vices.

h) Do you feel any respects from Policemens towards citizens?

i) Do you feel like, to respect our Police or you feel insulted with such force?

j) Can they be a person/force which Malaysian feel proud and honoured?

k) Is the PDRM around, when the time, citizen needed their presence?

Above shall be enough to gage Malaysian's perception towards PDRM and it's personnel.

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