Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will Malaysia Ever Stop Playing Racial Cards?

Mahathir set a good example by 'NOT' playing racial cards?Why some still play racial cards? Why some want to stir racial hatred in an indirect way?

Is anyone hoping the abolishment of affirmative action will be delay so they can continue to enjoy the cronies benefit at the expense of poor people, regardless of ethnic?

"This would have made it impossible for Malays to own business or residential properties. “Perhaps the non-Malays can, but if the property is developed for sale to non-Malays, Kampung Baru will disappear as an area for Malays.” he said.

To ensure that Malays stayed in Kampung Baru, one condition imposed on developers was that they were required to not only pay for the land but also to provide residents with business premises and housing in the newly-developed Kampung Baru. “This once again would increase the development cost.”

Malay developers could not undertake such a project and non-Malay developers were not interested as the purchasing power of Malays was low, he said.

Dr Mahathir said that even today, many Malays were not able to buy houses and shops allotted to them.

He hoped that the Government would be able to rebuild Kampung Baru so visitors would not see Malays in poverty in their own country."

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