Monday, July 28, 2008

Kudos Proton + ACA But Boo To Terengganu State Gomen

Kudos to Proton and ACA for taking swift action to suspect irresponsible dealers. This should serve as a good example to the others. Proton and ACA should perhaps also give the assurance to the people that the same will happen if the Rakyat report such cases to Proton.

Another shocking discovery about our "jiwa Rakyat" politicians though. It seems these people are so "detached" from the Rakyat whom they "claim" to represent. They have not a clue about what reasonable price to service a Proton car. They have not a clue about how much the Rakyat pay for car services, and obviously they have not a clue about or don't give a crap about how to save money and being a "water fish" (cantonese) to these irresponsible profiteers.

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