Monday, July 28, 2008

Political : UMNO vs PAS v2

I find it interesting that DAP is the one who's the first to voice out their tingling "some shit is up" sense on these talks between UMNO and PAS.

It could be because they've not forgotten how they were left hanging in the Opposition side after '69, all alone, when Gerakan and PAS joined the government.

So yes, the inate threat of PAS joining the ranks of the government is not exactly something new to them.

However, we must see and note just why exactly PKR is staying so calm. Is there something that PKR knows about the muzakarah's that DAP does not? If so, why?

Is this perhaps a scheme by the PR to attract the UMNO MPs to cross over come September 16th?

Whatever if is, I find it altogether worrying because a merger of UMNO-PAS would be the most racist and conservatively Muslim party in the region, and I don't find that healthy at all.

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