Friday, July 4, 2008

Malaysia Politic put Malaysian to shame

What is going on with the political scene in Malaysia? This is totally embarassing and unexceptable to the Rakyat, as these "MORONIC" actions taken by our so called leaders to protect each others self interest are causing our country to lose integrity and trust in the eyes of of the world.

Our previous leaders and heroes took 50 long hard fought years to get us where we are today, but all these sacrifices will be in vain as our country's sovereignity is in jeopardy not because of outside forces, but due to self-inflicted circumstances. No thanks to our government and the local politicians who are suppose to protect our beloved country and its people!

Why are all these 'Soap Opera' like incidents cropping up faster than weeds growing in the fields? If those politicians involved are reading this, please don't do further damage to the already fragile image and reputation that you people have caused to our motherland. There is a popular Chinese Idioms that states," IT TAKES YEARS, DECADES AND CENTURIES TO BUILD, BUT IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT TO DESTROY!"

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