Monday, July 28, 2008

Further :Kudos Proton + ACA But Boo To Terengganu State Gomen

PROTON had made the right move to probe allegations of `high-maintenance-cost` for Perdana. However, instead of just investigating dealers at Terengganu, maybe PROTON should consider find out more about other dealers at other states as well.

Swift actions are needed because any delay would have give way for the culprits to `cover-up` their mistakes. Light sentence shall serve as `reward` for those who are convicted but willing to confess or assist the investigation of the mis-used of the money or over-claim so that the culprits would face justice the soonest possible.

I believe by taking this action, everyone will be alerted that every actions taken will be followed by consequences. Well done PROTON, it's simply the right move to make.

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