Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Amused by ACA

I was amused to read press report that the Deputy DG of ACA proudly mentioned ( quote ) “……that the lowest bribe amount the agency ever investigated was RM 9.00….” and also the earlier news that ACA will officially write to the relevant authorities for cases involving such small amounts.

I totally agree with his view that the measure of culpability is not in the amount. But mind you, ACA is not expected to act like vacuum cleaner to suck up each and every speck of bribery. This will not happen even in country like Singapore. In reality, there are such things call judgement, efficiency, reasonableness…. You know and I know that there are so many big big fishes out there. Is the cost of ACA time cheaper than RM 9.00 and what can you achieve with than ?

It seems to be that all along ACA is talking about bribery. But corruption has a much wider scope. What about the abuse of power ? Is there any case equivalent to RM 9.00 ?

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