Wednesday, April 16, 2008

China & Tibet

The problem with China is GREED & ARROGANCE!! They will go around claiming territories around them as theirs and will call that One China Policy. In that case, do you think it’s fair?? Just like Malaysian Malays who has their roots in Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, etc. do you think its right for us to claim One Malaysia Policy by just going into their country like what the Chinese military did?? Anyway, China will go after the minnows because they know that these Tibetans, Mongolians, Taiwanese, etc. will not exert to war like the Japanese, Koreans, etc. They should go after the Japanese and Koreans under the One China Policy and we will have a gala time in this region. They even claimed a piece of land called Ākèsàiqīn which is located in India as theirs, another piece of land near Vietnam is also claimed by the Chinese government as theirs and they claimed one with the Soviets and come one day the will claim the whole world is theirs.

The Chinese don’t realize the amount of damages they have committed towards mankind and other living beings like sharks, etc. but when they get pinched, the make so much of noise. They love to criticize others but when it happens to them, they can’t tolerate. China, Pakistan & North Korea are the troublemakers in this region but China’s history of having wars with their neighbors are dated back very long time ago and I don’t think that they know how to respect the sovereignty of others. What goes around comes around and one fine day the Chinese Government will have to face the consequences from the uprising of the Tibetans and eventually they will break into tiny pieces in the process of democracy like the Soviets. Can’t wait to see that!!

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