Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Malaysian Car Price

I was in Banhkok last week for a holiday and strolled into a Toyota showroom to check out the models and prices.

I came out shocked as well as very angry as there is an alarming difference in the price of cars.I compared the prices using the exchange rate on the day and here are 2 examples.All prices are in RM.

Models Mal Price Thai Price

Toyota Vios 1.5 E 79,200 53,400

Camry 2.0 E 141,930 117,700

Now that all the tariffs and duties for cars in Asean were meant to be scrapped in 2008,can someone please explain why there is such a huge difference in prices.It seems that on the surface,our govt is still trying to protect the almost defunct Proton or UMW is ripping consumers off !!.Consumers should have the right to choose the car that they wish to buy and not be subjected to such huge differences in prices !!

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