Friday, April 4, 2008


Situation 1

Snatch thieves are increasingly bold and are wreaking havoc, not to mention serious injuries to victimes

Solution :

After a group of state excos and councillors make an unrelated 'lawatan sambil belajar' observations in Las Vegas,they would have come up with a two pronged approach to this very serious problem

Award a multimillion ringgit contract to a Two Ringgit company who is owned by one of their relatives to rubberise pavements, so that when the victims fall, they do not get serious injuries.

The creativity in this solution is, not only the victims will not get serious injuries but this would provide work for countless rubber plantation workers, thus eradicating poverty in estates

Two pronged approach....Sufiah would not have thought of this!

Of course, some individual would make millions in the process but this it is a small sacrifice that has to be made for the good of the rakyat.

Situation 2

There is a serious shortage of doctors in Malaysia.

Solution :

Award million ringgit loans to the best Malaysia students and send them to prestigous overseas universities and help them become world renowned surgeons and doctors. By giving enormous sums of money to them, they would be encouraged to take up citizenship in their adopted country to avoid paying back the loans.

Now this might seem to be silly idea to us ordinary person but you are really missing the point.

This is what differentiates the politicians from the ordinary rakyat.

When these students become famous doctors and perform miraculous surgeries on a kid whose parents own a yacht and 2 jet planes, these former Malaysians would 'mengharumkan nama Malaysia'.

Now that will REALLY show the world how smart we are.

Situation 3

The standard of English is going down among students

Solution :

The politician concern will wave the keris sakti during Political Party Meetings. Not known to the rakyat is that this keris sakti is no ordinary keris. It is a magic wand. When you wave it around like a crazy person, it will actually send a spell across the nation and small children would miraculously start to converse in English.

So don't condemn this keris waving politician as he is actually an unsung hero. We should build a monument like the Petronas Twin Towers to honour his contribution to nation building.

There are many such examples that I can think off which can educate the rakyat on how the Malaysian politician thinks and contributes

Hopefully people would start appreciating our talented politicians and try to understand the benefit behind those seemingly ludicruos decisions that they make.

They know what they are doing and we should just shut up and accept it.

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