Friday, April 4, 2008

Sufiah and The World

I was unaware of the Sufiah story until yesterday when I was browsing The Star Online.

The News Of The World newspaper is reknowned for its titilating exposes of a sexual nature aimed at increasing the sales of its Sunday paper amongst a certain class of people in the UK. (Most people would be embarresed to admit to reading this paper.)

In this context it becomes important to understand the rational behind this publication. Sufiah's story will provide its readers some solace in the knowledge that bright people are no different to them and will suffice to justify their liberal sex n booze lifestyle.

The only impact to Malaysia from Sufiah's nominal connection to it amongst these people will be the reinforcement of the sexual image of malaysian women portrayed in the innumerable "joget" events performed for them as tourists (also for money!) Its very notable here that whilst women maybe near naked in the streets, official dancing by women for guests on any occassion only occurs in adult only venues. (Not generally respected places.)

Perhaps the Tourism Board needs to promote malaysia in a different manner. As for Sufiah, she should be "saved." She has the potential for significant good. Of course the government should do more for those in Malaysia, rather than continuosly making bigger and more luxorious buildings for itself.

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