Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr.M Quit = New Malaysia ?

Some feel surprised, some feel sad and some are shocked by Dr M's decision, well, for me, I am totally disappointed! I can never imagine a leader of such stature resolve to such "cheap" sympathetic stunt to put pressure on the PM.

In my humble opinion, Dr M has not only betrayed UMNO, but also betrayed those who supported him. I may not agree with the PM most of the time, but I think this time, the PM is more right than ever to stay focus on the issue within UMNO rather than being a crying baby like Dr M seeking every attention and every opportunity to destroy everything so many people has built up in so many years including himself just to spoon-feed his ego and pride to be heard and acknowledged. My advise to you Dr M is that you should have retired and enjoy your retirement with dignity and honor which many people still have for you rather than bringing down everything with you.

About the Lingam case, you're ready to testify again and explain what happened to the judges???? I thought you "SUDAH LUPA" or cannot remember when you were questioned by the Royal Commission of Enquiry? What kind of brain-food you eat lately to bring back those memories?

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