Sunday, May 18, 2008

A New Malaysia - September 16

Saudara DSAI, you maintain that there will be a landmark change in the governance of Malaysia by September. Great!

Here is my request, my dearest Saudara DSAI (I actually liked the 'Saudara strategy' better...), can you pls publish a list of your leading MPs/PRians who'd well surpass the minimum standards that you'd impose on those who wish to become esteemed Cabinets Members?

Here is my worry. Do you have the brains (meaning PR, not you..) and the experience on your side to manage a nation that is filled with potential?

At the point of take-over, you need to be able to race ahead, not inch through a learning curve!

The people do not need a learning curve now, especially when their main need (not want) will be a sustainable lifestyle, given the senseless spiralling of prices.

You think you can do this? Tell us how.

Pak Lah, on the BN side, 50 years of leadership has certainly put this country on the global map not many can argue against this not even Anwar he did sweat with you and Dr M for the success afterall....

My question is this, what if Anwar scores a major upset? ( In my mind, it'll be far from an upset, seriously the Malay Opposition shares a great deal of belief with the Malay Ruling Class.. The nons.... we'll shoutlah but in the end I don't see us going back to China or India... We'll die, in our old age, proudly as Malaysians!) What next? This MP cross-over thing is such bull enough written about it. I shan't comment further. But still... is BN simply sitting pretty, waiting to be dethroned?

I am sure not. So, convince us pls how you, BN, will continue to illuminate Malaysia on the now, energy-starved, global map...

But as a layman, just a simple suggestion make the Executive a truly professional one. Enough of Ministers by way of popular vote. Its time to bring out the 30-50 brightest, most capable, aggressive, hungry, strategic Malaysian leaders to the fore.

Nice to see Amirsham and Zaid, among others. But it is the 'others' that worry me... And also, we have come to a political stage where the administration needs to be even more professional and capable than their political masters. (assuming you stop entrusting this economy with the populists)

Perhaps its time Intan took steps to have open dialogues with BN and PR, together. In preperation. Manalah tau...

After all, aren't we one big happy Malaysian family? Like Empat Sekawan... Sorry lah young uns.... Those were the days...

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