Friday, May 9, 2008

Raja Petra Kamarudin case

Using just half a brain to thing, it’s sounds so funny :-

(1) The Sedition Act 1948 is dated even before both Raja Petra and DPM Najib were born.

(2) Why are we adopting a legislation left behind by the colonial after gaining independence for more than 50 years ?

(3) If what is seditious in 1948 is still seditious after 60 years, it means that our country has NOT improved at all, generally.

(4) The Act is only use by the Government against the Rakyat ? Of course, the politicians will say that it is used to protect the Rakyat. But does sedition really kill ( like the olden days ) ? Or how do you prove what damages it will cause ?

Declaration – I am just one of the many millions of Malaysian who do not understand the real legal implication of sedition.

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