Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GERAKAN is about Movement

Parti Gerakan has tackled the impending issue head-on i.e. the issue of leaving the Barisan Nasional.

Whether they eventually leave or not is not important now that this party is matured enough to realise the need to consider this question unlike the MCA which still feel s cosy under UMNO's arms.

If indeed Gerakan leaves BN, it must ask itself as to what role it shall play as a party representing all races in Malaysia. This of course depends whether it shall join the Pakatan Rakyat which shares Gerakan's multi racial agenda.

The question would be, what would Gerakan gain by doing so? Well, at a time when the representation of the party at the national and state level is at its lowest, perhaps the real issue for Gerakan is one of survival.

Well, we shall all hope that Gerakan would listen to its grassroots and move on. Be the first to lead, Gerakan Olb Boy, since gerakan means movement in Malay.

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