Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MCA Election - Start

Yes, the MCA elections has come. From now on we shall be able to watch with glee how certain leaders of this party throw dirt on their comrades and then watch how the other comrades throw more dirt back.

It is hilarious to see how the MCA leaders still think that nothing has changed. That the Chinese community is still backing them.

This reminds me of Bertolucci's "The Last Emperor". When the already dethroned Emperor Pu Yi, after sensing some trouble asked one of his eunuchs what was happening outside the Palace Walls, the eunuch answered : "Nothing has changed Your Majesty". Just like in the MCA, the MCA top guns acting out their roles as eunuchs to the grassroots would tell them, "Nothing has changed, by the next elections, we will take back what we lost". My question is, "With what?"

Well, a lot has changed MCA ! Just open your eyes and ears and you shall see.

Some MCA leaders still think that by keeping mum on current issues and just by minding their own usual good for nothing business in the party, the problem will go away and they would eventually return to the norm.

You see, some of these smarties are still in dreamland.

I have heard how MCA leaders speak in functions. They just blabber on about how the MCA is doing everything in the name of unity. Just like how a kindergarten teacher would speak to his/her kindergarten kids.

They, the MCA people has no idea that when you go up on stage to speak, you speak of something that is of importance to the audience and not speak for the sake of speaking. By this public display we can see how the party is not insync with current developments.

The party simply has no idea how to steer the Chinese community into the future. It simply has no idea how to protect Chinese rights in the midst of a multi racial scenario. It just listen to what UMNO has to say and then just explain to the Chinese why they must listen to UMNO.

If you ask me now, I take back what I said earlier about the need for MCA to leave the BN.

If you ask me now, I think the MCA should just desolve and forget about Malaysian politics since you are of no real relevance anymore to the Chinese community when even a Malay like Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim can appreciate more than you about what the Chinese community needs in this country.

MCA you are defunct!

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