Friday, September 5, 2008

What Does A Good Government Need To Avoid Causing Frustration among Rakyat?

Perhaps it's time for me to "lecture" the BN Govt on what it really need to learn if it's to stop causing more anguish and frustration among the People.

[F] air and Firm - Punishment meted out to offending individuals who threaten the unity of this country should not only be firm, but be perceived as fair to everyone ( Reference : Bukit Bendera Ahmad's case )

[R] ational - Development policies for this country has to be rational. ( Reference : Space Program - it makes no "cents" and sense why the Govt is so adamant to continue this costly program at a time when our strained economy is causing so much hardship to the Rakyat. Long term projects like this should be shelved until the country has fully weathered the increasing inflation crisis. )

[U] nderstanding - The Government must be sincere in trying to understand the Rakyat's problems , needs and wants. ( Reference : Domestic Transport Systems vs Space Program - Its a no brainer which one is a priority, but is the Govt understanding the Rakyat's needs? )

[S] mart - We need a smart Govt to handle all domestic problems and not one who is pretending to be intellectually enhanced ( Reference : Illegal immigrants and Rakyat's safety vs more military build-up. I wonder how the Govt plan to use the 2 newly acquired submarines to combat illegal immigrants who have already landed! )

[T] rustworthy - The people wants a Government who is clean from corruption and not a honey bear who constantly dip its paw into the honey jar ( Reference : Dubious NEP policies where fundings meant for the hardcore poor are being channelled into dubious companies owned by rich and well-connected Tan Sri's and Dato's. )

So, perhaps the BN Govt now might understand a little of the People's frustrations? No? Anyway, i don't expect it to.

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