Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trains Collide on LRT, still want Nuclear Power?

The LRT is supposed to be highly automated and a fail-safe system. And yet, we see a collision.

Now, here is something to ponder... we want a nuclear power plant, who is going to make sure that there is not going to be any technical problem or failure, EVER?

With our Malaysian "tidak apa" attitude, do you really want to have this plant in Malaysia?

In fact, just ask yourself this question: "will you move from your house if this plant is going to be located within your neighbourhood?


Anonymous said...

However refer to the malaysia "boleh" system, I do believe the "can can" altitude need to be changed before do any changes. Surely Japan does has train collisions happen from time to time and when it happen. But there is different confidence level when they operate the trains in japan and compare to malaysia. In Japan, everything is high speed including the train compare to malaysia very very low speed. I guess Japanese definitely has more confidence on their train system compare to malaysia. So I guess our apa-apa pun BOLEH(Can Can) will become the stumbling block from achieving better future.

Anonymous said...

nuclear plant will be the way to go for malaysia if other alternative solutions(hydro and wind) are not so feasible in malaysia. And Solar still a very very expensive solution and inefficient too as solar cells can only convert sunlight to less than 20% useful energy. However I do believe solar will definitely become a better energy generation system in the future. But nothing change overnight so I guess we got to do something in the middle before our earth actually melt down.

Anonymous said...

Build the nuclear plant in JB and the Singaporeans will readily take the responsibility to maintain the plant, for "their" own sake!

As for armohdsh - Why do you keep comparing us with Japan and India when their Govt have brains unlike us? And if more people with your kind of mentality exist in Malaysia, we should have a faster nuclear fallout than any nuclear powered country!

All About Malaysia said...

i really doubt the maturity of the author and nickloong. Before u make such a outrage, do your revision on the subject u want to comment. To relate a train accident with the nuclear power plant is simply dumb and unknowledgeable on the technology behind the nuclear technology. If u guys are so afraird of nuclear technology, the next time u got a job, reject it immediately as u are even afraid to go for an X-ray or even a CAT scan.

Wake up!! We are in the 21st century and there is so much advancement in the technology of the nuclear power plant to ensure the safety of the plant itself.

I suggest u do up your reading before posting such an irresponsible comments on the advance technology such as nuclear power plant.. what a disgrace..

Anonymous said...

Malaysia got the best of the best in the world for building, airport, auditorium, airplane, submarine etc etc. But maintenance zero. Reason only one : No qualified staff. So that is why this LRT collision can happen. And many silly mistakes like petrol price increase in July. Now after 3 months, petrol is below US100 per barrel. IF the government will to hold for this period. There will be no record inflation rate of 8.5 after 27 years

All About Malaysia said...

I would urge the victims of the LRT mishap to take legal action against the train operators, and sue them in the millions figure! That will teach them not to take passenger safety for granted. As of having nuclear power plant in Malaysia, that will be the darniest thing to do as we have to admit that the local technicians have not reach the stage that they can be trusted to run such a high risk and complicated power plant.Why don't the ministry involved opt for a more environmental and safe method of producing mass supply of power? Solar and hydro systems is the in thing at the moment.So go for it!

Anonymous said...

If the nuclear plant is located say, within 1000 km from where you are when the plant explodes, there is no way you are exempted from going to cyber space. What is the distance from Perlis to Johor Bharu? Less than 1000 km! Pennisular Malaysia and Singapore will be removed from world map. Thus we must discourage Singapore from having nuclear plant as well.