Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MCA + Gerakan ?

I don't see on why if MCA merge with Gerakan willl be a meaningless move as stated by LGE? I think that it will be the stepping stone on creating a 1 single party instead of branches off into smaller party like right now?

what do you think??


Anonymous said...

Parties in most succesfully run foreign democratic countries are based on ideologies rather than race or religion.

If we continue to have parties that are religiously or racially based, the divide will continue. And it will be a matter of time before the same thing that is happening with UMNO comes back to haunt us.

I believe we need to move beyond that and form parties that want to realize a common vision in Malaysia for Malaysians. Then only it will succeed in getting majority buy in.

Divide and rule is passe, and only creates more problems for the Rakyat in the future.

All About Malaysia said...

Merge or don't merge, nevermind. As long as component parties still remain in BN, then that is truly meaningless.