Thursday, October 9, 2008

10 things UMNO must do!

For Umno to remain relevant and appeal to the masses, it has to evolve to suit the expectations of a fast-changing Malaysian society.

1. Be a true champion of Malays - No lah, tells Malaysians lah...

2. Put a full stop to money politics. - Can't do that, too many out there!!

3. Renew the fight against corruption - Start digging the accounts of MPs and Aduns over the last 20 years

4. Put serious checks against patronage and its abuse - Need to check the processes involved in purchasing the submarines

5. Set benchmarks for all contracts and procurements.- You mean to say that we have not learned anything about awarding contracts and lean procurement?? After 51 years??

6. Be less racial. - Forget it, as long as we exist, we will be racist to the teeth.

7. Be more tolerant in terms of religion - Yes, we will break more places of worship that belongs to the non-malays and offer them land near a septic tanks to rebuild new ones.

8.Cut the emotive content in language issues - Can't do that,because UMNOputras will not support me if i'm not emotional and provacative.

9.Become more accommodative rather than confrontational. - Chinese go back to China,etc etc etc....

10. Be a true champion of Malaysians - Cannot do that, the moment we get the biggest majority, we will divide and rule again for the next 49 years via racial card policies so that UMNOputras can start earning.

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