Friday, October 24, 2008

How come Tun Dr Mahathir can't speak?

I really was quite annoyed when the PM made a statement saying "Tun better don't speak at all".

Why can't he speak? If a former PM can't speak, then what about little commoners like us who've been shouting in CB all this while? What about the gentle reminder we have given the government in the recent general election? Like Tun Dr. Mahathir, many of us are not UMNO members too. I am not a member of UMNO myself and truly not interested to be one, I may die terribly if I even think of being a member of any political party. Many of us, who are not UMNO members, gave our vote to opposition parties because we want to give a 'loud message' to the government. Won't they listen to us?

Dr. Mahathir might have been a very authoritarian PM and a dictator (if anyone may call him that), but surely, he's a way better PM than Pak Lah! That's why he can always speak.

And mind you, he's a Malaysian citizen too, no matter how much anyone might have hated him. If we try to shut his mouth, then we are trying to shut a citizen's mouth, just like CB is filtering our postings and that's not democratic, right?

All I am saying is that, everyone should be given the rights to speak their mind, regardless of whether we and the government want to give a damn to it or not. Don't stop him no matter how grumpy the old man can be, because if we stop him, we give the government a reason to stop us.

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