Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5 Months Countdown for Pak Lah

For the past 5 years many people just can’t recall what Pak Lah have really contribute or done as a Malaysia PM that is worth remembering. Well some of you might have different view and arguments that he is a gentleman in handling serious national matters and we might overlook some of the internal changes that Pak Lah had made all this while. All the past Malaysia's PM we have recognize them as a Father of "this and that" as for Pak Lah i heard some media is reporting him as a Father of Revolution (correct me if I’m wrong). I must admit Pak Lah do take a bold step in Revolutionize 3 major so called "headache" in Malaysia: The Police Force, Juridical System and the ACA. Come to think of it can Mr Pak Lah really pull it off?? 5 Years Pak Lah have been a gentlemen in his own cabinet (maybe got bullied and push around) and now Pak Lah is trying to accomplish the impossible in 5 months!

Will this be another Mission Impossible 3 (Pak Lah succeeds) or Just another Hoax in Ocean 13 (trying to deceive), or Mybe Pak Lah is more like a Dark Knight (fighting a lonely battle)

As for the future PM Mr. N.....well we just have to wait and see. Hopefully he won’t "Sign Up" for another Space Tourist Package at any MATA Fair.

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