Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mediocre and Senseless

Basically and finally PM has bowed to the internal pressures of the Mahathirs clique and severals others in the Umno.

This basically shown, the senseless bunch on of so-called VP's and delegates from UMNO has as leaders. Ultimately, these guys has confirmed to the norm mindsets, that they know nuts in economies, administration and public relations.

All they know is confrontational, narrow and egoistics style to run their systems of cronies.

The PM, may not be best we have, but at least he is far better than the so-called successor. In which the successor has been successfully being very much tainted with conspiracy and scandalous incidents.

At least, the current PM never had such issues.

The successor, is also remembered for mentioning people's blood will soak in his keris. More or less tells us, he is not truly multi-racial mindset. In fact during Ahmad Ismail speeches, he did not reprimand him on the spot. Instead after all the hulabaloo then, he apologizes on behalf half heartedly.

Secondly, along his tenure in administration, he was never known to be great statemens with good international relationship to the West. Maybe to Russian and Mongolia in defence contracts discussion only.

A PM needs to be good architect of foreign policies in order to secure international confirmance in economies or many thing else.

Maybe you call me a hypocrite, be in my 2 cents, I could not imagine what more worse still Malaysia will be the kind of group leading our nation.

May all the gods, angels, deities and saints help Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, i totally agree with this. nonsence