Friday, October 31, 2008

National Fatwa Council to make a ruling on yoga

Nouf Mohammed Al Marwaai - Owner,one of the Yoga centres in Saudi Arabia

Some of the activities:-

Opened a first yoga Studio in Saudi arabia for yoga training and workshops, Jeddah- July 2006
- Conduct regular yoga classes in Albedaya Center for Breast Feeding consultations and holistic health- since 2007
- Yoga workshops, Mecca- since 2006
- One Day yoga camp for Alhamaem Almakeya Association- 2007
- Yoga and health benefits lecture for new Jeddah clinic hospital june 2008.
- Held regular prenatal yoga classes in Albedaya center for breast feeding consultations and holistic health during 2007.
- Holding regular yoga courses and workshops since 2006 up to now.
- Started the first yoga school in Saudi Arabia october 2008.

Even his majesty the King has recognized yoga and there are many more centres in the Mid-East providing such services. I wonder whats going to happen next in Malaysia??

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