Thursday, October 2, 2008

HINDRAF a hindrance

The commotion caused by the Hindraf group during a Hari Raya celebration at PWTC on 1st of October was an insulting event to all Muslims in the country. I was there, and I'm telling you, I felt disgusted at the length they go to in order to put forward their grievances.

Come on, the Muslims have been fasting during Ramadhan… that means they have not been enjoying any food or water for a month. They’re tired and they want to celebrate the end of their fasting month, okay?!

But no… it’s the first day of Aidilfitri and these Hindraf supporters came to the open house at PWTC on the pretext of being guests of the ministers’ invitation and went bashing everyone at the party with their politically motivated sentiment out in the open.

It was a rude, malicious, shocking and sneaky attack on the other guests who came to celebrate the joyous occasion with others from multiracial background. It was like having angry PETA protestors for Christmas dinner at the Times Square.

These Hindraf group showed no respect to others by barging into a happy festival to disrupt peace and making everyone unhappy in the end. Not only did they take the food and beverage prepared by the caterers in the hall, they also took advantage of other people’s kindness and hospitality. History has never seen such worse guests.

On top of that, the group resorted to dirty tricks by using children in their campaign. This is not the first time children were used in their plots. For the sake of their political motives, the Hindraf members are willing to destroy their children’s innocence. What we’re seeing is open child abuse by the Hindraf members.

If those fathers really love their children, they wouldn’t have commit acts that threaten the security of the nation that result to their detention and separation from family members. If those fathers really love their children, they wouldn’t have allowed their children to be involved in their fight. If those fathers love their children, they wouldn’t have sacrificed their children to attain their political leaders’ goals. Why should the children be made responsible for their fathers’ crimes? The Hindraf members are killing the children with their love.

The Hindraf members demand that the ISA be abolished so that the political detainees can be freed. What then after the ISA is abolished - let the political detainees happily resume their campaign to break up the nation?

If the ISA is so wrong in humanity nowadays that it should be abolished, then they should consider abolishing their association too. Look at the commotion that these Hindraf members have done in the past, do they think that what they’re doing is according to humanity?

They protested at peaceful events, they caused a riot at a holy place like Batu Caves, they used children to cover up their campaign, they gave a bad image of Malaysia to tourists visiting the country, they tried to influence Malaysians to believe that there is such thing as race-based oppression in this multiracial country…

Look, Hindraf members - we can accept it if you are fighting for some temples being demolished by the municipal council or Indian children not getting fair treatment at schools. But the thing is, you are not fighting for the right cause and you fight dirty. Your association is turning into a political organization disguised under the name of Hinduism. You are deviating from your true sense of justice and humanity by creating ripples in the society that may cause further rifts among Malaysians. Your faith does not teach you to hate, it has for centuries taught you to love. Like Rama you should defeat forces that defy the power of love, not blindly destroying love itself.

Hindraf is heading to the same darkness as the Al-Arqam had gone to. Maybe it is time to abolish Hindraf before Hinduism in Malaysia is tarnished by more despicable acts of these irresponsible people who hide under the name of faith.

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