Thursday, October 9, 2008

Action to be taken against Hindraf

Breaking news: Action to be taken against Hindraf.

The plot thickens now!!! Read on, friends.

“……….. the Government will take action against the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) under the Societies Act 1966 for causing a disturbance during the Hari Raya function……”

”When it comes to the law, there must be no delay. Whatever action taken has to follow procedure and legal channels. What is clear in this matter is that whoever breaks the law must face action”

“Action will be taken. We have many alternatives. Under the Act, whether the organisation is legal or not, it is still an organisation. If it is not legal, action will be taken based on the provisions for an illegal organisation, unless if it is legal then action will be taken under the proper provisions

Please read those paragraphs carefully, dear citizens. Let us not look at it from a racial point of view. Let us read the lines again from a humanistic point of view, and now, let us ask ourselves:

What law was broken?, and how do we define “causing a disturbance”?

If the Act prescribes for a specific course of action to be taken, the respected Senator would have had no second thoughts of announcing the definitive action to be taken when asked. Why were there no questions or concerns raised on the legality of the Hindraf since the beginning?

Can we take that to mean the administration is thoughtless?

Can I say that was the last straw that broke the camel's back??

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