Wednesday, February 4, 2009

$25M to cross over – there no recession here

$1M is a lot of money, to say the least $25M. It is highly unlikely this is correct or that the money will come from UMNO of the government.

It is most probably an estimate value of expected benefit this person will likely to get out of his position as a person who gets things done for the PM. This person has the PM's ear and that will bring in enormous financial benefits. It is most probably a number being thrown around to entice any sucker fish to take the bait.

The PM office did not give the money directly to this person. The PM only reward him with 5 minutes of his time just to "listen" or maybe kopi time with him. That is good enough to get the message out to businesses who wants the PM ear. Here is a person who has it but businesses have to bid for the 5 minutes. Is this corruption, I do not think so, it is lobbying.

Charge the PM with corruption for having kopi time? It will be a big ask. Maybe we should introduce a new level of corruption core and non core corruption

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