Saturday, February 14, 2009

Group: Karpal should be banned

This matter is really making certain quarters sick and definitely Karpal is feeling the same. After all the hooliganism from UMNOputras and their gangs towards Karpal, now we have another group from Kedah with a different proposal.

I wonder why it’s being made to look like a big deal on what Karpal had mentioned earlier and he has called upon the Sultan to speak up based on facts and the law if Sultans can be prosecuted in the court of law. There are many royal families around the world who are governed by the law of the land and they have to abide by that and I think even Obama doesn’t stand a chance to have such privilege even though he is the President of the US.

Hats off to Karpal as he stands firm with his principles and there are many leaders out there behaving like clowns and the worst thing is that we have a bunch of supporters who tend to support their cheap talk without even considering the facts and figures. As per Bernama’s report yesterday, survey showed that the Sultan didn’t act on the interest of the Rakyat and that’s what Karpal is talking about all these while.

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