Saturday, February 7, 2009

BN didn't Win Perak - PR lost it!

As a die-hard anti-UMNO-putras supporter, the loss of Perak to the UMNO led BN-Govt is a bitter pill for me to swallow, especially right after the victory by PR in the KT by-elections. Short of a court-ruling, we must all accept that the decree by the Sultan of Perak is final - that PR Govt does not have the numbers to stay in control.

Firstly, I think this defeat is a blessing in disguise. Today, the PR Govt only lost a state and to me, BN didn't win it. It was for PR to lose it. This is better than gaining control of a Fed Govt should PR wins the next GE only to lose it to BN through defections then. So, losing Perak should give PR a harsh lesson on over-confidence and over-complacency.

Secondly, I think Anwar was fed a dose of his own medicine. All's fair in politics - if you choose to fight with the sword, don't call your enemy as being unfair if he shoots you with a gun. With the ever growing dissent of the BN's ruling, Anwar could have just worked quietly in the background and gain more support from the people. I believe Sabah and Sarawak are ripe for the plucking - but sometimes, it is hard to decline a red-herring, especially one in the form of Nasarudin. Frankly in chess terms, it was the acceptance of a pawn sacrifice that led to the lost of position and inevitably the game itself. Then again, in chess , you can't bribe your opponent's pieces to defect.

As for the two assemblymen who were facing corruption charges defecting, are any of you surprised that they jumped to BN's side? As many have pointed out, none of us would be surprised if they were to be found NOT GUILTY of the charges they faced. Defection always have its privileges.

All these I can accept, from PR's loss of Perak to the defection of Nasarudin and the two assemblymen facing corruption charges - I didn't expect much from these people anyway. But I have no tolerance whatsoever for Hee Yit Foong who is a traitor to her party and more so, to the people who voted for her. If there's one thing I despise most of all, it is a CHINESE traitor. Yes, you might keep your position for another term, Hee, but I have no doubts whatsover, you'll lose it by the very next GE. Your political career is as good as gone, of that I have no doubts. But worst of all, you WILL go down in history as one of the most hated Chinese politician in this country for the betrayal of your own people. It is to my perception that even the street dogs have more dignity than you for what you did to the people who trusted you.

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