Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Malaysian drivers behave rudely on the road?

Malaysians are a nice, kind and polite society. This is seemingly far fetch when they are on the road. For the past 7 years of driving and motorcycling on the Malaysian road, I noticed their very bad habits and unusually rude driving.

Malaysian drivers seems different while they are on their feet. Unfortunately transformation takes place once they entered their car. Is driving on the Malaysian road puts that much of pressure into them until they resorted to impoliteness, rudeness and bullying other drivers?

Firstly, Malaysian drivers tend to cut the queue whenever its possible and felt no remorse in doing so. They just could not care if it affects other drivers' feelings. Seemingly they just have that 'tidak apa' attitude. This is so wrong. This also make me to decide that they are ignorant.

Secondly, Malaysian drivers are rude when it comes to overtaking other drivers. They just seem to lazy to switch on their signals and cuts in abruptly without thinking of other people's safety. They just cut in too early and at times overtaking too near to the other driver. Didn't the driving school teaches them to overtake other drivers in a safer manner, did they? Somehow I think the 'tidak apa' attitude has switch on. This is so wrong in our driving society.

Thirdly, Malaysian drivers who always felt the need to be faster than other drivers. They will honk you incessantly with 'tidak apa' attitude. This creatures are the worse lot of drivers and usually are on the highways. They will more than 110 km/ph and will start shooting the high lights from far away so to let you know he is coming. Poor cars who are just overtaking are forced to go back into their path. Is this really necessary? They just couldn't wait to speed to their death, I presumed.

Fourthly, Malaysian drivers love to bully others while they are at another state. Especially Kuala Lumpur drivers who return to their hometown.This is another rude creature that don't care of other drivers originated from other states. When they sees a driver slows, they will honk. At traffic lights, they are the worse! They will start honking at the front car. We all know when to accelerate when its green. But are you in a hurry? So many times from what I seen this drivers are not in a hurry. Once they are on the road after the traffic light, they drive very slow. So is the honking necessary in the first place? It's just plain rude and annoying.

Malaysian drivers are rude, I must say, and those drivers with the ever-golden batch beside the number plate are even ruder. I always wonder why Malaysian drivers cannot just have the courtesy and proper manners in their driving. Nice, kind and polite as projected by the us is not seem on the Malaysian road. I wonder is it the driving school fault which fails to in-cultivate good driving with manners and courtesy? Or is it just because of our 'tidak apa' attitude?

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